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For Parents!


Dear Parents! is a miniature, animated kingdom of Lulek and Rosie in which there are a lot of educational games, colouring games and stories of different types.

The service provides the pre-schoolers with a broad range of games and entertainment connected with education in safe and friendly conditions which are also adjusted to the developmental needs of the youngest children.

The story line of the games is set in 10 fairy tale lands: Littleland, Countryside, Castle, My House, Marine Expedition, Forest, Music Station, Railway Station, My Little School, Creative Land. The child may enter them safely without using the game catalogue and not requiring constant assistance of an adult. 

In Littleland's Child Area your kid is safe, it is confirmed by the kidSAFE Seal Program. We want to ensure you, that our website is kids friendly by this seal. We hope that we have earned your trust in that way. (Littleland child area) is certified by the kidSAFE® Seal Program. The kidSAFE® Seal Program is an independent certification service and seal program that reviews and certifies the safety practices of children-friendly websites and applications, including kid-targeted game sites, virtual worlds, social networks, PC and mobile apps, web-connected devices, and other similar online and interactive products. Click on the seal or go to for more information. (Littleland child area) is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program.

Moreover, in

- all games are equipped with the Bimbam clock which teaches children self-control and helps the caretakers to measure and enforce the time spent by the pre-schoolers in front of the computer. The clock may also be helpful in situations where the computer must be shared with siblings or friends. 

- most games provide sound assistance, character commands, explanations which will allow the children not only to solve the tasks by themselves, but also to learn comprehensive listening.

-your kid is safe in Littleland's Child Area, it is confirmed by the kidSAFE Seal Program. 

- option allowing to enlarge the game to full screen and hide the Internet browser.

- warnings for the children to avoid dangerous situations in real life (kitchen, sharp tools)

- beautiful graphics and animations!

Please join us!


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