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Terms of Use of
1. General Information
1.1., hereinafter referred to as “Portal,” is a portal of ABC Media Publishing Sp. z o.o., hereinafter referred to as “Operator”. Operator’s contact information is available on the Portal under “Contact”.
1.2. is a Portal consisting of subpages directed to parents, children and educational and cultural institutions, hereinafter referred to as “Users.” The main idea of the Portal is to provide Users with entertaining and educational information. The integral part of the Portal is a group of subpages consisting of flash games and creating an interactive land of fun, hereinafter referred to as “Littleland,” as well as the Shop with files to download in its offer.
1.3. The Operator shall use its best efforts to post contents safe for its Users on the Portal; however, children should be under adult supervision while using the contents of the Portal; adults are exclusively liable for children using the Portal. 
1.4. Information published on Portal pages is for information purposes only and is not deemed equal with an advice of an expert in a particular domain.
1.5. Trade information, commercial contents and product placement may be posted on the Portal.
2. Terms of concluding Agreement with Operator
2.1. Services provided by the Operator on the Portal are free-of-charge.
2.2. Acceptance of the Regulations followed at the time of registration by the User.
2.3. Upon performing any activity by User (e.g. clicking to read any information published on the Portal, sending the Operator a request connected with a particular Portal domain or a commentary on a particular material) a free-of-charge service agreement is concluded. 
2.4. Some of the services on the website are available for Users after logging. Prior registration is required.
2.5. Users are obliged to read these Terms before they start to use the Portal. The start of using Services which do not require to be registered is identical with the acceptance of the provisions hereof. In case of Services which require to be registered, registration on the Portal is identical with the acceptance of the provisions hereof.
3. System Requirements
3.1. For the proper Portal functioning it is required to use Internet Explorer, Mozzila FireFox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari or any other Internet browser in its latest available version with Flash Player installed at least in its version no. 9 and with JavaScript on. The Operator reserves the right to store cookies, necessary for proper use of the Portal, on the User’s computer.
4. Availability and Functionality
4.1. The Operator shall use its best efforts to make its Portal available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, the Operator is not responsible for Portal functions being temporarily unavailable due to changes or improvements being made in the system.  Users will be informed about technical breaks and their duration.
5. Copyright
5.1. Any materials presented on the Portal, particularly graphics, drawings, animations, music arrangements of songs, songs written by the portal’s authors, texts, logo and sounds are subject to copyright and are a property of Portal creators. It is forbidden, without written consent of the owner, to copy, process and distribute materials published in full or in part by the Operator or other User. Educational materials are not to be used or processed for commercial purposes, or posted on other websites without written consent of the Operator.  Downloading and Printing materials where is not an information from the Operator of the possibility of downloading and printing is not allowed. If you wish to use the content, please make a request to the following e-mail address:
6. Sending Film Materials and Photographs
6.1. Film, sound and graphic materials as well as photographs are sent to e-mail address or added with the use of Portal application form.
6.2. Publication of film, sound and graphic materials as well as photographs requires prior approval of the Operator.
6.3. The User states that film, sound and graphic material as well as photography which are being published do not contain any content which is offensive and breaches a moral code, religious principles or a public order.
6.4. The User declares that by sending film, sound and graphic materials as well as photography he/she transfers author’s economic rights to the Operator for indefinite time, and the Operator has a right to duplicate them.
6.5. The User shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Operator against all claims of third parties raised in relation to the sent material, including costs of court proceedings and court representations related to posted multimedia files.
6.6. Film, sound and graphic materials as well as photographs are transmitted voluntarily and free of charge by Users to the Operator.
By sending film, sound and graphic materials as well as photographs, User assign unlimited in terms of time and territorial, copyrights to the Operator, which authorize the Operator to use film, sound and graphic materials as well as photographs to the following fields of exploitation: 
- fixation, in whole or in a part, on electronic/electromagnetic data carrier (preparation of digital recording) and placing as a whole or in part into the computer, 
- multiplexing, as a whole or in part, each technique, on electronic or electromagnetic data carrier, in any number of, multiple marketing and distribution, at any time and form,
- marketing via Internet, as a whole or in a part, use as a whole or in a part, for advertising and promotional purposes, recording, as a whole or in a part, on media to broadcast, using video and/or audio wired and/or wireless.
- using Elements in animated films, other films and radio, recording film, sound and graphic materials as well as photographs as a whole or in a part on media to broadcast, using video and / or audio wired and / or wireless and via satellite to broadcast these materials in the manner described above, public performance of these songs, e.g. during shows, cinemas, public events; consolidation of analog discs, CDs, DVDs and other media, and dissemination of such fixed tracks and marketing, as well as rental, lease and other legal forms transfer works embodied in this way.
- using Elements on the Internet, on the website or in other IT resources including as screensavers, wallpaper, etc.. 
7. Complaints
7.1. Any complaints, remarks, opinions and information connected with using the Portal are to be reported to the following e-mail address: or by clicking "Your remarks" tab.
7.2. A complaint made by the User should consist of information enabling his/her identification i.e. name, surname and a correspondence address.
7.3. The Operator considers complaints within 3 working days and informs the User about the results via the given e-mail address.
7.4. If in a complaint process it is not possible to settle a dispute in a way satisfactory for both parties, disputes between the Operator and the User will be settled by a competent for ABC Media Publishing Sp. z o.o. registration address common court of law.
7.5. These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Poland.
8. Changes in the Terms
8.1. is a dynamic portal, which means that the Operator may change its content as well as these Terms, particularly in the following circumstances: 
- change of the law or issuance of a decision by competent authorities that affects or may affect parties’ rights and obligations defined in the Terms,
- changes in technical conditions of Portal functioning, including those connected with technical or technological progress,
- changes in conditions of using software or devices used to run the Portal, made by manufacturers or entities having rights to software or devices,
- changes in Internet communication and organizational rules.
8.2. Changes in the Terms shall come into effect as of publishing new terms on the Portal.
9. Final Provisions
9.1. The Operator and Users undertake to cooperate and to exercise due diligence in the scope of fulfilling the provisions of these Terms.
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