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Discover Littleland

Littleland is most probably situated somewhere near, but it’s really well hidden from the real world. It’s the place where Lulek, his sister - princess Rosie, parents and grandparents live. Everybody is extraordinary. After all, is it normal that children play in a large palace or drive a train and their mum lets them paint their faces? Usually, things are not like that, no, in no case, although children sometimes really want to do such things.

There are also hardworking dwarfs running all around the land. They pick up forest fruit and they’re simply everywhere. Sadly, they are too small to help doing housework which Lulek often finds a pity while cleaning his rooms. Fortunately, these dwarfs live happily somewhere in the hidden Littleland, because they would be in everlasting danger in the real world! After all, how can one see such a small creature when it’s running fast through the room or riding a bike around the park? A red hat would surely be of no help for the dwarf!

In Littleland, there also lives an extraordinary dragon, Teo. He’s looking for a wife right now and he’d really like to have some little dragons with her. He constantly fails, although so many “kind people” help him. It’s interesting if he can eventually find her? Let’s hope so. There are not many lady dragons visiting Littleland, so our bachelor is not in a very good situation. It’s so sad to watch him leaving his cave, looking out for his beloved. However, the pictures of his dream lady dragon sent by children are really helpful for him.

In fact, we know nothing about this Littleland. Contact details unknown and there are many untold stories about it. And certainly that’s what is most important about it. Because there is nothing sadder than to take the key to world of imagination away from the children... We invite you to visit colourful Littleland!

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