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Edutainment service has been created in the edutainment spirit. The educational objective of the service is mostly:

- supporting children in the development of their talents as well as intellectual activities necessary in their daily lives and further education

- developing intelligence

- creating conditions conducive to entertainment and education for children with diversified intellectual capabilities

- developing children’s knowledge about the social, natural and technical world

- introducing children into the world of aesthetic values and developing the ability to express themselves through art, developing in children the feeling of community membership (of a family, peers group)


Plays and games in Littleland also teach the children:

- self-service activities (brushing their teeth, washing their hair), setting the table, completing their clothes

- they support the development of speech and logical thinking, exercise prediction of manipulation effects on the objects (drawing conclusions and observation of changes) as well as object classification.

- they encourage children to live hygienic life and take care of their safety.

- they support learning how to count and read, learning spatial orientation (right-left), seasons of the year and clock.

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