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Games and Plays

Welcome to the catalogue of Littleland games for children where you can find colourful educational, creative and family games, encouraging to paint, sing, cook, discover the world and express oneself. Here, children can fulfil their dreams of shavings dad’s beard, mowing the lawn, driving a tractor or a train, making a pizza or doing their mum’s make-up.

The games are perfectly safe, created in cooperation with educators and psychologists.

The time, passing unnoticed in Littleland, is watched by the Bimbam clock which appears if the game lasts for too long.

We invite you to spend the time together with your child in the land of Lulek and Rozie!

I can type
A miss
Fix the gutter with Lulek and Rosie's dad.
Learn to type!
Addition and subtraction
Learn the names of colours.
Learning numbers to 10.
Learn the letters of the alphabet
Letter bullseye
Greeting card
Make words on the blackboard.
Shoot at letters and make words!
Tool for greeting card creation

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